Calgary After The Floods

Our Best Wishes To All Our Fellow Calgarians

After the recent floods we just wanted to send some good wishes out to Calgarians: to all those who have lost so much and who have so much work ahead of them trying to rebuild their homes and lives; and to all those who pitched right in and did everything they could to help.  If there’s anything positive we can take away from this tragic event it’s the confirmation that people really are good and there’s a lot of kindness and compassion out there.  While we were down in Elbow Park helping with the clean up we were astonished by the number of people out supporting those affected and what a great job everyone was doing of keeping their spirits up even in the face of such devastation.

What a wonderful city!

Now the weather is so warm it’s hard to imagine what it was like a little over a week ago.  The water ban has been lifted and Calgarians are enjoying some beautiful gardening and landscaping weather.

And of course it’s almost time for stampede – Come Hell or High Water!

Happy Stampede Calgary.



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