Landscaping in this Scorching Calgary Heat

How to Care for Your New Plants on Hot Days

The monsoon season has abated here in Calgary, and now we’re having a taste of desert-summer.  Of course, this being Calgary there is no knowing what next week (or this afternoon) will bring!

If you’re landscaping or planting this year, here are some tips to protect your new plants during the hot weather:

  • For plants that are going into full sun, soak their roots in water for an hour or two before planting
  • Fill the hole with water and let it drain out before putting in the plant
  • If possible, use a piece of lattice or shade netting to keep the sun off new plants during the hottest part of the day
  • Water every day
  • Don’t water during the heat of the day as wet leaves can be scalded by the hot sun

There’s no doubt that Calgary, with its changeable weather, poses some unique gardening challenges.  But good quality plant materials will thrive if they’re planted where the growing conditions suit their own unique requirements. And remember, while you can afford to ignore your new plants when the weather is mild and damp, they do need some extra TLC when the weather is as hot and dry as we’re seeing right now.

Happy planting!

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