Landscaping With Outdoor Rooms

Consider Function Along with Form in your Landscaping

What does your yard mean to you?    Perhaps a place to retreat or entertain; a playroom, a pantry or a source of creative inspiration.

Even the smallest city yard can be planned around outdoor rooms, each serving its own function and each with its own flavour and feel.

When you’re planning a new yard or a renovation, start the planning process by considering all the different ways you want to use your yard.  Then it becomes possible to work out how those different uses will fit together in a pleasing, user-friendly layout.

Levels 150x150 Landscaping With Outdoor Rooms

Creative use of levels can separate distinct areasSome of the rooms you want might include:

Some of the areas you might want in your yard could include:

A play area for children
A deck or patio for eating with the family
A space for entertaining
Sitting areas under trees or surrounded by beds
A firepit for relaxing in the evenings
A vegetable patch for growing your own food
An area for pets


The list goes on, but once you have established your priorities it becomes possible to plan a yard where the flow from one use to the next is elegant and natural.

Even though we’re talking about rooms, or course your yard can be ‘open plan’ so that one function merges naturally into another.  On the other hand, you can create distinct rooms, for instance with different levels, curved beds, trees and screens.

Check out the photos here to see how patios and decks can be used to create rooms.

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