Retaining Walls for the Calgary Garden

Tame a Slope for Drama and Appeal

Few Calgary yards are completely flat, but that doesn’t have to be a problem.  A beautifully planned and built retaining wall will become an attrractive feature in your yard, creating structure and texture.

Greentree 2A Patio v02 300x199 Retaining Walls for the Calgary Garden

  • Retaining walls can be used to terrace a steep slope and provide flat areas.
  • A retaining wall is the perfect way to enclose a patio or terrace.
  • Raised beds create character and allow you to accentuate plants or features.
  • Raised and terraced areas are easier to reach and maintain.

Greentree 20A Walls v02 300x201 Retaining Walls for the Calgary GardenGreentree 18A Walls v02 300x201 Retaining Walls for the Calgary Garden





There are so many materials to choose from, including a variety of styles and colours of interlocking brick, stone and wood.

Whatever your style, a professional landscape design and construction company can ensure that your retaining walls and raised beds are built for lasting beauty and durability.

Greentree Landscapes has over 20 years experience creating beautiful retaining walls and raised beds of the finest quality and craftsmanship.

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Calgary After The Floods

Our Best Wishes To All Our Fellow Calgarians

After the recent floods we just wanted to send some good wishes out to Calgarians: to all those who have lost so much and who have so much work ahead of them trying to rebuild their homes and lives; and to all those who pitched right in and did everything they could to help.  If there’s anything positive we can take away from this tragic event it’s the confirmation that people really are good and there’s a lot of kindness and compassion out there.  While we were down in Elbow Park helping with the clean up we were astonished by the number of people out supporting those affected and what a great job everyone was doing of keeping their spirits up even in the face of such devastation.

What a wonderful city!

Now the weather is so warm it’s hard to imagine what it was like a little over a week ago.  The water ban has been lifted and Calgarians are enjoying some beautiful gardening and landscaping weather.

And of course it’s almost time for stampede – Come Hell or High Water!

Happy Stampede Calgary.



It’s Almost Landscaping Season in Calgary

Plant Big Trees for Calgary’s Short Growing Season

We have just come from The Horticultural Society’s Garden Show, where our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries had a booth.

The weather was uncooperative to say the least – it was cold and trying to snow on Saturday, and by Sunday we had a solid 2 or 3″ of the white stuff on the ground.  To get to the show visitors had to navigate a mixture of slush and ice on Calgary’s roads, so thank goodness Calgary gardeners are a determined and intrepid lot!

It was a great show with lots of excitement about Spring, which will surely arrive eventually.

As always we’re very excited about Larchwood Nurseries‘ trees which are grown right here in Alberta in root control bags.  Using this unique growing method they’re able to grow large, healthy trees that have just an 18″ rootball and weigh only about 130lb.  That’s light enough to pick in a 1/2 ton and plant without the use of machinery.

We use Larchwood’s trees in our own landscape design and construction projects whenever possible because they’re large enough to create instant impact in a yard.  Our clients love the fact that they establish quickly and are easy to look after.

If you would like to see the trees available from Larchwood Nurseries, visit their website at

At Greentree Landscapes we’re all primed for the upcoming season and we’re booking up fast.  Call 403-279-9791 or email us soon to arrange for your consultation or free estimate.

And remember … Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping in Calgary for over 20 years and we have a long list of very satisfied clients.  Our experience and expertise is your guarantee of satisfaction.


Watering Your Plants for a Healthy Winter

To water or not to water? What is the deal with watering at this time of year?


Water Sparingly During the Early Fall

Now that Fall is here your trees and shrubs need less water than they did during those hot summer weeks.

In fact by cutting back on the irrigation you will be giving your plants the chance to begin their dormancy and harden off in time for the cold weather ahead.

Water Well Before Winter

Once the deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their leaves, that’s the time to give both your evergreens and your deciduous plants a good watering.

That moisture around the roots will help protect your plants all winter long, and will help to avoid that winter die-back which is the curse of all gardeners.  Of course, it’s particularly crucial here in Calgary to provide protection from our winter Chinooks.

Remember, too, that if we get a warm spell during the winter, or early spring you can water again then.

Look to the health of your plants now, too.  A healthy plant will stand a better chance of surviving the winter than a weak one.

It’s not too late to get your landscaping and your plants in before winter!

We’re looking forward to a long, mild Fall, so there’s plenty of time to make sure your garden is ready to enjoy at the first sign of Spring.

Greentree Landscapes has been making Calgary gardens beautiful for 20 years.   Call 403-279-9791 or email to book your free consultation.

Plus … our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries has a wide selection of large trees – check out their Fall Sale and save 50%.


Landscaping in the Fall

How to Make the Best of Calgary’s Short Gardening Season

What a fabulous summer we’ve had here in Calgary!  We had weeks of wonderful hot, sunny days which more than made up for that long, wet spring.

Now that the leaves are turning and the evenings are getting cool, it definitely feels as though Fall is here.  So, if you didn’t get your landscaping done already you may be wondering whether it’s just best to wait until next year.

Fall is a Great Time For Landscaping

Before you close the doors and dismiss the garden for the season, here are some great reasons why you should consider getting your landscaping completed before the onset of winter:

  • Calgary Springs are not always landscaping friendly! Those long, wet springs can make for slow work and frequent delays.
  • Get a Jump on the Growing Season. Our growing season is short enough, and when you don’t plant until the spring or summer you can’t expect much growth that year.  When you get your plants in before Winter, that gives them a bit of a head start and you’ll enjoy the summer season with plants that are more established and less needy.
  • Enjoy the Chinooks. When it suddenly goes up to +15 in February, it’s great to be able to get outside for some much needed fresh air.
  • Beat the Rush. Everyone wants their landscaping done in the Spring – if yours is already in you’ll be ready to head outside and enjoy the whole season.

If you’re considering landscaping either this Fall or next year, you’ll want to talk to the experts at Greentree Landscapes – Calgary’s choice for creative landscape design and construction.  Call Tarance on 403-279-9791 for a free consultation.

Greentree – Landscaping in Calgary for 20 Years!

Landscaping in this Scorching Calgary Heat

How to Care for Your New Plants on Hot Days

The monsoon season has abated here in Calgary, and now we’re having a taste of desert-summer.  Of course, this being Calgary there is no knowing what next week (or this afternoon) will bring!

If you’re landscaping or planting this year, here are some tips to protect your new plants during the hot weather:

  • For plants that are going into full sun, soak their roots in water for an hour or two before planting
  • Fill the hole with water and let it drain out before putting in the plant
  • If possible, use a piece of lattice or shade netting to keep the sun off new plants during the hottest part of the day
  • Water every day
  • Don’t water during the heat of the day as wet leaves can be scalded by the hot sun

There’s no doubt that Calgary, with its changeable weather, poses some unique gardening challenges.  But good quality plant materials will thrive if they’re planted where the growing conditions suit their own unique requirements. And remember, while you can afford to ignore your new plants when the weather is mild and damp, they do need some extra TLC when the weather is as hot and dry as we’re seeing right now.

Happy planting!

Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping in Calgary for over 20 years

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Two-Day Tree Sale at Deerfoot Meadows

Save 10% on Trees, This Friday and Saturday only

If you’ve been at Deerfoot Meadows the last couple of weekends, you might have seen our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries, selling trees.

resized pic 150x150 Two Day Tree Sale at Deerfoot Meadows

The trees have created quite a stir down there.  People have been amazed that it’s possible to grow such a full, mature looking tree with just an 18″ rootball.

To put that into context, depending on the variety, the trees are in the region of 10-12′ tall, with a full head and a trunk that is 2″ thick or more.  Trees that size, grown and harvested in the usual way, would have a 32-34″ rootball and would weigh about 900lb!

If you come down today or tomorrow (Friday or Saturday) just mention that you read this blog and receive 10% off the price of any trees you buy.

For more information, or if you miss this sale, call Tarance on 403-650-5635

Check out the Larchwood Nurseries website at

Remember Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping in Calgary for 20 years.  Don’t be fooled by other companies using our name.  Call Tarance on 403-650-5635 to learn more.



How to Plan the Size of Your New Deck or Patio

Give Yourself Room to Move

When you’re looking at the blank canvas of your empty yard and planning your landscaping project, one of the first things you’ll probably consider is a deck or patio.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that you don’t want to take up too much of the yard, and you’re only going to sit out there to eat, right?   Well, before you get out the measuring tape, consider the following:

  • Your deck will form one of the most important areas in your yard and you’ll probably spend a great deal of time sitting there.  After all, the business of eating is central to how we relax and socialize.
  • When people are sitting in the chairs you want to make sure that other people can move freely round them, leaving all areas of the deck open and accessible.
  • A crowded, cluttered deck is not relaxing or soothing.
  • If you build a deck that is too small it’s expensive and unsatisfactory to try and expand it later.

So, when you’re planning a deck or patio, start by thinking about the main pieces you’ll have on it…

Firstly, measure your patio set – with the chairs pulled out.  You want to make sure that people can move around the table when others are seated, and also that it is easy to stand up and move away from your seat without falling off the patio or bumping into the deck railing.

Secondly consider the barbecue area.  The cook needs to be able to work and serve people without tripping over everyone’s feet.

Then think about anything else you may want to put on your deck – large planters, recliners etc.  Make sure you have room for them without crowding the place.

It really is worth taking the time to measure, and to practice moving around your intended space.  When you’re relaxing on your beautiful, spacious deck you’ll be glad you made the effort to get it right!

At Greentree Landscapes this is the kind of detail we understand.  We’ve helped countless clients avoid frustrating, expensive mistakes by providing the guidance and expertise to plan the perfect yard … for now and for years to come.  Call Tarance on 403-279-9791 or email to chat about your dreams for your little slice of heaven outdoors.


Trees Grow – Give Them Space!

The Best Landscaping is Designed for the Long-Term


We love trees! And one of the most heartbreaking sights is that of a beautiful, healthy tree being taken out because it is simply too big for the space it occupies.

Yes, we’ve all seen those huge spruce trees that overpower and overshadow front yards around the city.  Unfortunately when you can’t even see out of your front window you’re left with little option but to remove the tree.

If you’re planning to put in a tree or do some landscaping, it’s simple enough to plan for the future size of the tree to make sure you’re putting it in a spot where it will thrive and provide joy and beauty for years to come.

And, of course, with so many choices it’s easy to select a tree that will stay columnar or compact for tight areas, and save the grander specimins for more open areas.

Don’t forget that our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries has a wide range of ornamental trees grown in root control bags – the big trees with little rootballs.  Light enough to carry in the back of a half ton, and compact enough to plant yourself.  Email Tarance for more information.

Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping for happy clients in Calgary for 20 years!

Landscaping With Outdoor Rooms

Consider Function Along with Form in your Landscaping

What does your yard mean to you?    Perhaps a place to retreat or entertain; a playroom, a pantry or a source of creative inspiration.

Even the smallest city yard can be planned around outdoor rooms, each serving its own function and each with its own flavour and feel.

When you’re planning a new yard or a renovation, start the planning process by considering all the different ways you want to use your yard.  Then it becomes possible to work out how those different uses will fit together in a pleasing, user-friendly layout.

Levels 150x150 Landscaping With Outdoor Rooms

Creative use of levels can separate distinct areasSome of the rooms you want might include:

Some of the areas you might want in your yard could include:

A play area for children
A deck or patio for eating with the family
A space for entertaining
Sitting areas under trees or surrounded by beds
A firepit for relaxing in the evenings
A vegetable patch for growing your own food
An area for pets


The list goes on, but once you have established your priorities it becomes possible to plan a yard where the flow from one use to the next is elegant and natural.

Even though we’re talking about rooms, or course your yard can be ‘open plan’ so that one function merges naturally into another.  On the other hand, you can create distinct rooms, for instance with different levels, curved beds, trees and screens.

Check out the photos here to see how patios and decks can be used to create rooms.

Greentree Landscapes has been creating beautiful, functional outdoor environments for their clients for 20 years.  Call Tarance on 403-650-5635 to ask about design and construction services for all your landscaping needs.