Spring Landscaping in Calgary

Now is the time to get your landscape design in place

After a very strange winter here in Calgary, it already feels like June. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re not in for a little more winter yet!

But, whatever the weather does, this is a great time to get some advice about what to do with your yard this year, and to get your ideas and wishes formalized into a landscape design.

5 things to think about before calling a landscaper

It’s a great idea to start the process with an idea of what you like, so give some thought to these questions before you call a landscape designer:

  • Do you prefer formal spaces, or favour a more relaxed feel?
  • What are you planning to use your yard for? Do you want spaces for activities such as barbecuing and entertaining?
  • Do you want low maintenance or do you enjoy gardening?
  • Do you want a yard for children or adults, or both?
  • What features will you want – for instance a patio, deck, fire pit, hot tub, pond, flower beds, etc?

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One more idea to help with planning your landscaping project: save pictures of yards that you like. It’s a great way to get ideas and inspiration, and helps you communicate what you would like to achieve in your own yard.

When you’re ready for a free landscaping consultation, call Tarance on 403-650-5635, or send him an email.

Plus, if you’re looking for large, beautiful, Alberta-grown trees, check out our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries. They grow a lovely range of trees in root control bags. They’re the big trees with little rootballs – large enough to create an instant Wow and light enough for two people to lift and plant by hand.

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