Trees Grow – Give Them Space!

The Best Landscaping is Designed for the Long-Term


We love trees! And one of the most heartbreaking sights is that of a beautiful, healthy tree being taken out because it is simply too big for the space it occupies.

Yes, we’ve all seen those huge spruce trees that overpower and overshadow front yards around the city.  Unfortunately when you can’t even see out of your front window you’re left with little option but to remove the tree.

If you’re planning to put in a tree or do some landscaping, it’s simple enough to plan for the future size of the tree to make sure you’re putting it in a spot where it will thrive and provide joy and beauty for years to come.

And, of course, with so many choices it’s easy to select a tree that will stay columnar or compact for tight areas, and save the grander specimins for more open areas.

Don’t forget that our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries has a wide range of ornamental trees grown in root control bags – the big trees with little rootballs.  Light enough to carry in the back of a half ton, and compact enough to plant yourself.  Email Tarance for more information.

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