Watering Your Plants for a Healthy Winter

To water or not to water? What is the deal with watering at this time of year?


Water Sparingly During the Early Fall

Now that Fall is here your trees and shrubs need less water than they did during those hot summer weeks.

In fact by cutting back on the irrigation you will be giving your plants the chance to begin their dormancy and harden off in time for the cold weather ahead.

Water Well Before Winter

Once the deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their leaves, that’s the time to give both your evergreens and your deciduous plants a good watering.

That moisture around the roots will help protect your plants all winter long, and will help to avoid that winter die-back which is the curse of all gardeners.  Of course, it’s particularly crucial here in Calgary to provide protection from our winter Chinooks.

Remember, too, that if we get a warm spell during the winter, or early spring you can water again then.

Look to the health of your plants now, too.  A healthy plant will stand a better chance of surviving the winter than a weak one.

It’s not too late to get your landscaping and your plants in before winter!

We’re looking forward to a long, mild Fall, so there’s plenty of time to make sure your garden is ready to enjoy at the first sign of Spring.

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