We Are The Real Greentree Landscapes

We’re excited to be at the Home and Garden Show, but very disappointed to find out that there is a company there fraudulently using our trade name.

The company is calling themselves Greentree Landscaping, or Greentree Eco-Friendly Landscaping and it appears to be a deliberate attempt by them to benefit from the goodwill we have built up in Calgary over the last 20 years.   They have been told by Corporate Registries that they are not to use our name, which they have chosen to ignore.

We first came across them last year when they started charging their supplies to our supplier accounts, up in Edmonton.  An easy fix for us as our suppliers know we don’t operate in Edmonton, but not good for our suppliers who did not get paid.

For now we’ll just have to chalk this up as a flattering case of impersonation.  Let’s hope they don’t muddy the good name that Greentree has built up over 20 years in Calgary.  After all, they haven’t demonstrated much in the way of business ethics so far.

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