Fall Landscaping in Calgary

It’s been a long hot summer here in Calgary, but it looks like the hot spell has finally broken. Summer vacation is coming to an end, the kids are going back to school and this is a great time of year to plan a landscaping project.

What’s on your garden wishlist?

Over the summer you’ve probably had the chance to think about what you want from your yard, so this is a good time to make a wishlist while it’s still fresh in your mind.

You probably know where you want the deck or patio, where the grass and beds might go – but when planning your landscaping project, try to think not just about form, but sensation:

  • Don and Donna patio resized 300x192 Fall Landscaping in CalgaryDo you picture the clean lines and formal shapes of wood or brick, or the informal irregularity of stone?
  • Are you hoping for low maintenance or do you relish the thought of
    dirt under your fingernails?
  • Do you want clear open lawns for your children to run on, or hidden treasures to be explored?
  • Do you want plants that provide neat structure, or do you prefer the
    lush verdance of something a little wilder?

Briers corner of bed resized 300x189 Fall Landscaping in Calgary

If you can communicate how you want your yard to feel, and what that means to you, that’s a great starting point for a conversation with your landscaper.

For ideas and inspiration on how to create something truly unique and personal in your own yard, talk to Tarance Zak at Greentree Landscapes. Call Tarance on 403-650-5635 now or email tarance@greentreelandscapes.com.

Greentree has been landscaping in Calgary for over 20 years, and we have a long list of happy clients.





How to Choose a Landscaper

Gardening season is almost upon us here in Calgary, thank goodness! If you’re looking at landscaping this year, you’re probably already thinking about how to choose the best landscaper.

Whatever you do with your garden, you want something beautiful and durable that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

  • Look for experience. Does the company have a proven track record? They should be able to provide references, and have a portfolio of past projects to show you.
  • Make sure they are reputable. Membership of LANTA (The Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association) is your assurance that this is a reputable company with a good name in the industry.
  • Compare apples to apples. If you’re getting several quotes, and one is considerably cheaper (or more expensive) you’ll almost certainly find that they aren’t quoting for the same thing. The quality of materials, and the steps in the construction process can vary considerably – and it’s important that you know what your quote includes.
Tarance Zak small image1 How to Choose a Landscaper

Remember – if you don’t get Tarance, you don’t have the real Greentree!


Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping in Calgary for over 20 years, and we have a very long list of satisfied clients!

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Landscaping For Winter Interest

Landscape Design for Every Season

It’s hard to start thinking about winter, but no matter what time of year you’re planning your landscaping, you should consider what your yard will look like in the off-season.  Goodness knows, it’s long enough here in Calgary!

That’s why one of the most important considerations in any landscape design is a balance of colours and textures and conscious planting for the seasons.

Mountain Ash berries resized 300x200 Landscaping For Winter Interest

Mountain Ash berries add a splash of colour and attract birds

  • The sight of early spring blossom is enough to cheer anyone’s spirits after a long winter.
  • Summer flowers and the textures and colours of varied foliage are a gorgeous sight as the season progresses.
  • Plants with colourful fall foliage might herald the end of summer, but we love them all the same.

But what of winter?

Just because you’re mostly inside in the winter, don’t forget to consider the view from your windows.  There are so many ways to ensure that your yard looks beautiful in any season:

  • Evergreens stay beautiful all year and are an important element in any yard.  But there’s so much more…
  • Consider trees with different coloured bark, such as the deep bronze of amur cherry and the white of paper birch.
  • Look for trees that have a more interesting shape, such as burr oak and ohio buckeye which have a fascinating, gnarled structure that really looks great once the leaves have fallen.
  • Consider adding levels and layers, which will all add visual interest to your yard, even under a coating of snow.

Tarance Zak of Greentree Landscapes is an expert in creating beautifully crafted landscaping that looks great year-round.

For a free consultation and estimate, call Tarance on 403-279-9791, or send an email

Landscaping for Your Lifestyle

Your Yard Should Reflect the Way You Live

Just as your home is a unique reflection of your style and personality, so should your yard be.  That’s why it’s important to consider every aspect of your lifestyle before planning a landscaping project:

What is Your Landscaping Personality?

  • Do you like winding paths and hidden gardens, or wide open lawns and neat borders?pond or stonework under construction1 300x225 Landscaping for Your Lifestyle
  • Would you prefer a mini-forest or one dramatic specimin tree?
  • Would you choose splashes of bright colour or single-shade drama?
  • Do you want to put in shrubs, trees and bark mulch to be admired from the patio, or are you more the type to be out in the garden planting annuals each year?

What Are Your Priorities?

  • Outdoor cooking and dining?
  • Entertaining?
  • Large play areas for children?
  • Spaces for pets?
  • Secluded areas for quiet contemplation?tsp3 Landscaping for Your Lifestyle
  • Dramatic features such as ponds and walls?
  • Areas for toolsheds and compost bins?

Before contacting a landscaper it’s a good idea to consider the answer to these questions and formulate a firm idea of what you want from your outdoor space and what your landscaping style is.

Having said that, at Greentree Landscapes we have the experience and creativity to help you explore your priorities, determine your style and design a yard that is uniquely you.

We know what questions to ask, and in our initial consultation we offer ideas and advice on how to make the most of every space, for every taste.

We are artists designing and creating personalized landscaping for discerning homeowners.

Call 403-279-9791 or email Tarance to book your free consultation.

Landscaping a Tricky Side Yard

The side yard is one of those truly difficult patches of land.

In most Calgary lots the side yard is a narrow strip that doesn’t get much sun and where not much will grow.  One side is the main access to the back yard, and the other side is just something of a conundrum.

But don’t despair, your side yard doesn’t have to be a wasteland that you avert your eyes from whenever you’re unfortunate enough to have to go by.

Here are some tips for making the most of a tricky side yard:

Greentree 26A Ponds v02 300x199 Landscaping a Tricky Side Yard

A plant-free side yard can become a beautiful feature by adding a creek and pond

  • It’s usually difficult to get grass to grow in a side yard, but if it is positioned to get enough sun for grass, then you should install an irrigation system to provide water.
  • Where even grass won’t grow, a side yard can be made attractive and functional with an interlocking brick pathway, or either rock or bark mulch.
  • Add some colour to your side yard with containers of colourful annuals.
  • Add some functionality to the side yard with a shed.
Greentree 8A Walkway v02 300x199 Landscaping a Tricky Side Yard

A wider side yard will have room for a comfortable path as well as beds

Tempting as it can be to ignore the side yard and concentrate on those areas of the yard you spend most time in, remember that the ‘gateway’ to your yard is important in creating a first impression.

At Greentree Landscapes we have over twenty years of experience in helping our clients create beautiful spaces in every part of the garden.

Our specialty is finely crafted brick and stonework.  Call 403-279-9791 today or email tarance to book your free consultation.

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It’s Almost Landscaping Season in Calgary

Plant Big Trees for Calgary’s Short Growing Season

We have just come from The Horticultural Society’s Garden Show, where our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries had a booth.

The weather was uncooperative to say the least – it was cold and trying to snow on Saturday, and by Sunday we had a solid 2 or 3″ of the white stuff on the ground.  To get to the show visitors had to navigate a mixture of slush and ice on Calgary’s roads, so thank goodness Calgary gardeners are a determined and intrepid lot!

It was a great show with lots of excitement about Spring, which will surely arrive eventually.

As always we’re very excited about Larchwood Nurseries‘ trees which are grown right here in Alberta in root control bags.  Using this unique growing method they’re able to grow large, healthy trees that have just an 18″ rootball and weigh only about 130lb.  That’s light enough to pick in a 1/2 ton and plant without the use of machinery.

We use Larchwood’s trees in our own landscape design and construction projects whenever possible because they’re large enough to create instant impact in a yard.  Our clients love the fact that they establish quickly and are easy to look after.

If you would like to see the trees available from Larchwood Nurseries, visit their website at www.larchwoodnurseries.ca.

At Greentree Landscapes we’re all primed for the upcoming season and we’re booking up fast.  Call 403-279-9791 or email us soon to arrange for your consultation or free estimate.

And remember … Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping in Calgary for over 20 years and we have a long list of very satisfied clients.  Our experience and expertise is your guarantee of satisfaction.


Watering Your Plants for a Healthy Winter

To water or not to water? What is the deal with watering at this time of year?


Water Sparingly During the Early Fall

Now that Fall is here your trees and shrubs need less water than they did during those hot summer weeks.

In fact by cutting back on the irrigation you will be giving your plants the chance to begin their dormancy and harden off in time for the cold weather ahead.

Water Well Before Winter

Once the deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their leaves, that’s the time to give both your evergreens and your deciduous plants a good watering.

That moisture around the roots will help protect your plants all winter long, and will help to avoid that winter die-back which is the curse of all gardeners.  Of course, it’s particularly crucial here in Calgary to provide protection from our winter Chinooks.

Remember, too, that if we get a warm spell during the winter, or early spring you can water again then.

Look to the health of your plants now, too.  A healthy plant will stand a better chance of surviving the winter than a weak one.

It’s not too late to get your landscaping and your plants in before winter!

We’re looking forward to a long, mild Fall, so there’s plenty of time to make sure your garden is ready to enjoy at the first sign of Spring.

Greentree Landscapes has been making Calgary gardens beautiful for 20 years.   Call 403-279-9791 or email tarance@greentreelandscapes.com to book your free consultation.

Plus … our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries has a wide selection of large trees – check out their Fall Sale and save 50%.


Landscaping in the Fall

How to Make the Best of Calgary’s Short Gardening Season

What a fabulous summer we’ve had here in Calgary!  We had weeks of wonderful hot, sunny days which more than made up for that long, wet spring.

Now that the leaves are turning and the evenings are getting cool, it definitely feels as though Fall is here.  So, if you didn’t get your landscaping done already you may be wondering whether it’s just best to wait until next year.

Fall is a Great Time For Landscaping

Before you close the doors and dismiss the garden for the season, here are some great reasons why you should consider getting your landscaping completed before the onset of winter:

  • Calgary Springs are not always landscaping friendly! Those long, wet springs can make for slow work and frequent delays.
  • Get a Jump on the Growing Season. Our growing season is short enough, and when you don’t plant until the spring or summer you can’t expect much growth that year.  When you get your plants in before Winter, that gives them a bit of a head start and you’ll enjoy the summer season with plants that are more established and less needy.
  • Enjoy the Chinooks. When it suddenly goes up to +15 in February, it’s great to be able to get outside for some much needed fresh air.
  • Beat the Rush. Everyone wants their landscaping done in the Spring – if yours is already in you’ll be ready to head outside and enjoy the whole season.

If you’re considering landscaping either this Fall or next year, you’ll want to talk to the experts at Greentree Landscapes – Calgary’s choice for creative landscape design and construction.  Call Tarance on 403-279-9791 for a free consultation.

Greentree – Landscaping in Calgary for 20 Years!

Landscaping in this Scorching Calgary Heat

How to Care for Your New Plants on Hot Days

The monsoon season has abated here in Calgary, and now we’re having a taste of desert-summer.  Of course, this being Calgary there is no knowing what next week (or this afternoon) will bring!

If you’re landscaping or planting this year, here are some tips to protect your new plants during the hot weather:

  • For plants that are going into full sun, soak their roots in water for an hour or two before planting
  • Fill the hole with water and let it drain out before putting in the plant
  • If possible, use a piece of lattice or shade netting to keep the sun off new plants during the hottest part of the day
  • Water every day
  • Don’t water during the heat of the day as wet leaves can be scalded by the hot sun

There’s no doubt that Calgary, with its changeable weather, poses some unique gardening challenges.  But good quality plant materials will thrive if they’re planted where the growing conditions suit their own unique requirements. And remember, while you can afford to ignore your new plants when the weather is mild and damp, they do need some extra TLC when the weather is as hot and dry as we’re seeing right now.

Happy planting!

Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping in Calgary for over 20 years

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Two-Day Tree Sale at Deerfoot Meadows

Save 10% on Trees, This Friday and Saturday only

If you’ve been at Deerfoot Meadows the last couple of weekends, you might have seen our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries, selling trees.

resized pic 150x150 Two Day Tree Sale at Deerfoot Meadows

The trees have created quite a stir down there.  People have been amazed that it’s possible to grow such a full, mature looking tree with just an 18″ rootball.

To put that into context, depending on the variety, the trees are in the region of 10-12′ tall, with a full head and a trunk that is 2″ thick or more.  Trees that size, grown and harvested in the usual way, would have a 32-34″ rootball and would weigh about 900lb!

If you come down today or tomorrow (Friday or Saturday) just mention that you read this blog and receive 10% off the price of any trees you buy.

For more information, or if you miss this sale, call Tarance on 403-650-5635

Check out the Larchwood Nurseries website at www.larchwoodnurseries.ca

Remember Greentree Landscapes has been landscaping in Calgary for 20 years.  Don’t be fooled by other companies using our name.  Call Tarance on 403-650-5635 to learn more.