Great Plants for Alberta



abbotswood potentilla Great Plants for Alberta Abbotswood PotentillaBeautiful white flowering shrub, low growing.
red leaf rose Great Plants for Alberta Red Leaf RosePink flowers early summer, with foliage turning to purple-red the more sun. Red stems.
mottled dogwood Great Plants for Alberta Silver Leaf DogwoodVariegated green and white leaves. Beautiful red bark in winter. Excellent contrast shrub.
purple leaf plum Great Plants for Alberta Purple Leaf PlumDeep purple leaves with light purple flowers in spring. Beautiful color contrast shrub.
dwarf winged burning bush Great Plants for Alberta Dwarf Winged Burning BushBrilliant red foliage in fall. Small shrub, slender stems, good accent shrub. Can also be used in sheltered location.
frobelli Great Plants for Alberta Little Princess SpireaMint green leaves, pink flowers in summer. Small compact shrub with mounding habit.
goldenfing Great Plants for Alberta GoldfingerA compact plant with good sized, bright yellow flowers.
bridal Great Plants for Alberta Bridalwreath SpireaGreat white, in arching sprays in early summer.
This hybrid spirea has been around for a long time and has outgrown its usefulness.
Like many of the white spireas it tends to produce an abundance of canes which give the plant a very crovded and unattractive appearance.
red osier Great Plants for Alberta Red Osier DogwoodGreat winter color because of bright red bark. Hardy, doesn’t mind the shade. White flowers & berries in summer.
goldmound Great Plants for Alberta Gold Mound SpireaLight yellow, bushy plant with pink flowers in summer. Great contrast shrub or border plant. Enjoys full sun.
goldflame Great Plants for Alberta Gold Flame SpireaIncredible golden-red foliage with small pink flowers throughout summer. Wonderful accent shrub.



mugho pine Great Plants for Alberta Mugho PineVery hardy, compact evergreen with dark green needles. Pruning can control size of growth and also results in denser growth.
skandia juniper Great Plants for Alberta Skandia JuniperExcellent foundation planting, low spreading, bright green soft foliage.
calgary carpet Great Plants for Alberta Calgary Carpet JuniperVery dense spreading, soft green feathery foliage. Very pleasant looking.
prince of wales Great Plants for Alberta Prince of Wales JuniperVery low spreading, displays a soft, dense carpet appearance. Bright green foliage.
tamarix Great Plants for Alberta TamarixLow spreading. Blue-green foliage turning dark green as growth matures. Shade tolerant.
…photo coming soon… BuffaloWide spreading, bright green foliage.


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