Garden Design Ideas

When you’re planning to landscape, you can think of your yard as a blank slate.  How do you decide what to put in when there are so many possibilities?

Before you see your landscape designer or contractor it’s a great idea to have some ideas in your mind.  It gives you a starting point for discussions and consultation, and it helps your landscaper to understand what it is you want.

But, where will you find that inspiration?  The possibilities are really limited only by your imagination, but here are some great starting points:

  • Gardening magazines.  Get current editions of as many different publications as you can find, but also consider visiting the library to check out back issues.  Looking through pictures is a fun way to get inspired and excited.
  • Gardening books.  Likewise, books offer a wealth of ideas, and can help you work out what is suitable for your area.  Here in Calgary I would definitely recommend The Calgary Gardener I and II, and Gardening Under the Arch.
  • Online. and both have some great articles, and there are probably many more if you search.
  • Your local horticultural society – they can recommend some local resources which will help you come up with ideas.
  • Garden centres – just wondering around the garden centre is a great way to get excited.  Many of them have little display gardens set up, and they also have a good supply of books to browse.

Of course, if you don’t have time for all that research, don’t worry.  Your landscape contractor will be able to give you all the ideas you need.  Just make sure you have some specific ideas of how you want to use your space, what materials and colours you like, what accomodations need to be made for pets or children – those kinds of things.

Of course Greentree Landscapes can help you design the perfect space for your lifestyle.  Call Tarance on 403-279-9791 or email Greentree Landscapes to make an appointment for a free landscaping consultation.

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