Why Digging in Wet Soil is a Bad Idea

It looks like the rainy season is here in Calgary!

What a start to the landscaping and gardening season we’re having .  It was such a mild winter and we’ve already had some weather that felt more like summer than spring.

Now it’s raining, and what a great start that is to the growing season.

When the shoots start to poke through the soil and buds are bursting we all want to get out in the yard and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.  Awesome!

As soon as we are completely done with the cold weather, and fairly confident that we won’t get any of those wet, heavy spring snowfalls, you can go ahead and start planting shrubs and trees.  But a word of caution…

When the soil is wet … put away your shovel

Digging in wet soil damages the molecular structure of the soil and you can end up with soil that is highly compacted, airless and very hard to work with.  It’s best to wait for it to dry out a little before getting in there with your shovel.

You can test to see if the soil is too damp to work by squeezing a small ball of soil in your hand.  If it goes into a solid, damp clump it is too wet.  If, when you poke a finger into the ball, it breaks up and crumbles then you know the soil is dry enough to work with.

Three Reasons Why Spring is a Great Time to Plant New Trees

So, it is important to monitor the condition of the soil before digging, but that doesn’t mean that spring isn’t a wonderful time to plant:

  1. The damp weather allows your tree to enjoy plenty of moisture in those important first weeks
  2. Your tree will have a chance to settle in before the hot summer weather hits
  3. The soil is easier to dig before it’s had a chance to dry out and compact during the summer

And one more reason …

Now you can buy mature-size trees for immediate impact

Our sister company Larchwood Nurseries has a beautiful supply of mature-size trees just arriving in Calgary  from the tree farm in Camrose.

The trees are grown in root control bags which means that a tree with a 50 or 60mm caliper trunk has a root ball small enough for you to collect and plant yourself.  Of course we can install and deliver if that’s what you prefer.

Call Tarance on 403-650-5635 right now to ask about the trees.



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